Welcome to Michelcic.com, where innovation meets purpose. We are dedicated to creating a world where technology enhances human potential, sustainability drives progress, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive. At Michelcic.com, we believe in the power of transformative ideas and collaborative efforts to shape a better future.

Our Vision
Our vision is to lead the way in revolutionizing industries through cutting-edge technology and visionary solutions. We envision a world where innovation is accessible, sustainable practices are standard, and every challenge is met with creativity and determination.

Who We Are
At Michelcic.com, we are more than a company; we are a community of thinkers, dreamers, and doers united by a shared passion for innovation and positive change. From our diverse portfolio of brands and ventures to our commitment to corporate responsibility, everything we do is guided by our values of integrity, excellence, and compassion.

What We Offer
Explore our diverse offerings across industries, including digital services, media design, startup incubation, and business consulting. Our portfolio reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries and creating value in everything we do.

Established companies and brands

  • Shininess – Coaching, Education and Accountability Training for Mind-Body-Soul Balance.
    Performance and success in business and life are no coincidence. Shininess was founded on the belief that achieving goals in both professional and personal endeavors depends significantly on the mental state, health, beliefs, and value patterns of all involved individuals. Through systemic thinking and the ability to cultivate inner strength, resilience, empowerment, and personal growth, Shininess facilitates balance for body, mind, and soul with ease and joy.
    Discover our offerings in individual coaching, team workshops, events, leadership training, mindfulness and mental training. Our approach to behavioral optimization integrates interdisciplinary, medically informed scientific insights, ensuring practicality and seamless integration into everyday life, expertly tailored by Shininess.
  • Bonovooo: Research Think Tank for Evidence-Based Sustainable Living.
    Explore innovative solutions and strategies for sustainable living. Michelcic.com founded Bonovooo as an independent think tank, whose findings for effective nature preservation, sustainability and circular economy are available to other companies and institutions to support decision-making based on values-driven social entrepreneurship. Bonovooo employs scientific methods and data-driven decision-making to address societal needs, develop important new business models, and positively impact future generations through entrepreneurship.
  • Caldigo – Digital Media Design Agency.
    Harness advanced digital media strategies and visual identity design to meet your business needs. Elevate your brand with our expertise in content creation across social media, print, podcasts, and video, optimizing your sales funnel and expanding your reach of costumers.
  • NARWIS- Nature, water, inspiration, sports.
    Providing sports management and marketing services for high-performance athletes, NARWIS promotes insights to an active, nature-aligned lifestyle, specializing in nautical and equestrian activities for the public. We offer leadership workshops for sailers and rowers and with horses for team building and personal sports consulting, including personal branding, media design, strategic career consulting and content creation for athletes.
  • DIBUCON.COMDigital Business Consulting.
    Specializing in digital transformation, lean management, and data-driven decision making. We help businesses optimize digital strategies, refine processes, and prepare for future growth. Identify core values and sales demands, then implement up-to-date, user-friendly IT infrastructure tailored to your company’s needs. Agile mindset and design thinking included.
  • Med-Usability.com – Medical Computer Science, Health IT, and Design Thinking.
    Leverage health information technology and design thinking to revolutionize healthcare and wellness IT solutions. Focus on user experience and patient-centered design, integrating AI-based technology in medicine. We are passionate about collaborating with medical research laboratories, governmental health strategy programs, and medical universities, especially in strategic planning of public health campaigns.

Ventures, Brands and Digital Products in growth, research, founding or production state


Join Us
Whether you are a potential partner, investor, or talent looking to make an impact, we invite you to explore how you can collaborate with us to shape the future. Together, we can build a world where innovation drives progress and opportunity is within reach for all.

Michelcic.com, transforming horizons for a purpose.

Join us on this journey to redefine possibilities and create lasting positive change worldwide.

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